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In acupuncture one refers to energy or Qi that shows itself in bipolar form, the Ying and the Yang, each one has its correspondences to nature. Yin energy: Feminine-Water-Matter-Autumn-Winter-North-West. Yang energy: Masculine-Fire-Energy-Spring-Summer-South-East. There has to be a balance between the Ying and the Yang for normality to exist. Energy circulates by a series of channels that we call “Meridians” which are distributed throughout the body in certain anatomical zones. Each meridian, which is composed of a number of determined points and each point, especially those found in the epidermis, is like a key to the organ that it represents, it is like a control point that can be handled by the needles.

An acupuncture session consists of 2 parts – 1. Through techniques such as the pulses in the wrists, the acupuncturist checks which meridians are unbalanced by having either excessive or lack of energy. – 2. Needles are placed in certain areas and are left between 3 and 20 minutes which give the organism the push it needs to rebalance. Within acupuncture there is also Auricle-puncture or placing needles in the ear. This is particularly effective when treating headaches and migraines as this reflects the cranium zone very well, not just in physical terms but also emotional-mental. Acupuncture is a complementary aid that we should not underestimate.

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