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Encuentro con uno mismo

Start your inner path and create a change in your life!

Given byr: Jaume Campos Asensi

This course aims to give knowledge though our experiences, from the mechanisms of internal and external fights (conscious & subconscious) that close up inside of us in order to give us a better understanding and further our knowledge about ourselves and our environment.

Since the beginning, the majority of the information on how life’s processes and our attitudes work are based on what we have been taught and we believe that the truth is what we have been told. And what if it isn’t? We function by beliefs but...what are our beliefs based on? Are we heading to where we want to go? Is this what we want for ourselves? What is our true reality? How do we get there? Asking yourself these questions is the way to start on your inner path, start over again and create a change in your life. It is also an opportunity to talk to Jaume and ask those questions that you have always wanted to ask.

Jaume offers his knowledge, his own personal experience and the experience he has gained in his work as a Kinesiologist for over 20 years and treating almost 7000 people.

The course takes place on a Saturday in Jaume´s center from 10.00 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00.
Each person provides their own food or you can also have lunch with Jaume at a nearby restaurant. The dates and cost and also how to reserve a place will be displayed on the News and Highlights section on this website.

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