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Designed and made to prevent and improve various illnesses that affect the human body. The BioDispositivo has a built in copper filament which is connected to a microchip called an “EMI AMSORBER” which carries out the following function: Absorbs harmful electromagnetic emissions for the organism and transforms them into magnetic therapy, regulating the effect of the five magnetic bands that make up the BioDispositivo with frequency range of between 30 – 300 Htz.

The BioDispositivo is ideally designed to be adjusted to the mattress. It is used at night which is when the body´s defenses are at their lowest (30%) and therefore allowing continual and correct use during the treatment.

The correct treatment is during periods of 28 – 30 days, allowing 1 rest day in between each period.

Harm caused by mobile phone antennas, cell phones, booster antennas, electrical pylons, high tension electric substations and all types of household appliances that emit harmful radiation are well known.

People that rest on the BioDispositivo receive the correct dose of magnetism, creating a protective shield by means of its own magnetic field that diverts negative geo-pathological influxes in the following manner:

1- Eliminating extreme pulsations in the tension.
2- Stabilizing the electrical field.
3- Increasing the level on tension in the undamaged electrical field.

There is no other product on the market that is as effective and of such high quality as the BioDispositivo from IMCspain.

Certificates & Diplomas
Brussels Eureka 1994
In 43rd World Exhibition for Industrial Innovation, the BioDispositivo IMCspain won the gold medal for body protection during rest and second place for the geo-biological instrumental Hartmann Scanner for the detection of Hartmann knots.

Geneva International Exhibition for Innovation 2003
The protection system: BioDispositivo won the silver medal at the Geneva International Exhibition for Innovation 2003.

Inpex XVI 2000
In the 16th Edition of the INPEX fair, the biggest Industrial Innovation fair in the USA which takes place in Pittsburg (Pennsylvania), the 2nd Generation BioDispositivo (current model) won the gold medal.

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