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The creation of magnetic fields produced by magnets to restore a person’s health..

What a Biomagnetism session consists of: Comfortably lying down on a massage bed, fully dressed and wearing shoes. The magnets are shaped like coins and are covered in leather for easy handling. A magnetic field is created by placing the magnets on different acupuncture points of the body and rebalancing the organs that could be affected and cancelling out the energetic imbalance that had been produced.

In general, 2 or 3 months of sessions are required for the body to return to its natural state and achieve internal neutrality. A preventative follow up is only required for chronic or degenerative illnesses once the organism have been rebalanced.
Through Dr Goiz´s biomagnetism or magnetic therapy, we can obtain information about alterations in the different organs of our anatomy and in the most meticulous way, we can establish where the problem and associated micro organisms are located.

Technique phases:

1. Find the affected zones by performing a preliminary test based on the principle of ¨Intelligent Muscle Response¨ discovered by Dr George Goodheart in the 1970´s. This method allows us to check how the body´s organs and glands are functioning.

2. Applying magnets to the affected zones. The session lasts between 20 to 30 minutes and immediately produces relaxation and relief in the person.

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