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Course D.E.E.P. Method
(Deep Emotional Energetic Release)

metodo DEEP Jaume Campos

Course given by: Jaume Campos
(Creator of the D.E.E.P method)


1. Course objectives.

2. Internal balance.
- conscious-subconscious

3. External balance.
- communication and emotional interpretation.

4. Somatization phases.
- emotional and/or mental impact.
- energetic disorder
- Physical somatization impacts

5. Neutrality
- the therapist´s inner balance
- how to accede to the primary process

6. From obstacle to learning
- the obstacle is the conflict
- tools are the apprenticeship

7. Locating the subconscious internal information
- lower limbs
- between the eyebrows-sternum

8. Verbal and mental language
- binary language, to contract and relax
- how to achieve it through neutrality

9. Basic protocol
- pulse synchronization
- the muscular test. Body language never lies
- ask the subconscious for permission
- strong muscle indicator (m.i.f.), how to feel it
- dehydratation

1. Muscle indicators
- supra spinal
- clavicular pectoral
- quadriceps

2. Ocular disorganization
- ocular accesses
- ocular unblocking

3. Hipothalamic points
- accessing the subconscious with energy
- emotional assimilation

4. Deep emotional unblocking technique - the importance of reverse psychology
- creating emotional language
- dialogue with the subconscious
- finding the basic emotion and the contained burden

5. Work with the emotions - to accede and unblock the root cause and it´s apprenticeship
- resolution of current problems
- resolution of past problems

6. Resolution of conflicts
- internal conflicts
- external conflicts and their apprenticeship

7. Complementary techniques
- meridians, toning and sedation
- liberation of mother and father blockades
- auricular therapy points
- most adequate essence oils

8. D.E.E.P protocol

The D.E.E.P initials stand for Deep Emotional Energetic Release. This method is the result of Jaume Campos´s long trajectory working and communicating with the subconscious. Jaume started by working on himself on a personal basis and then after years of studying different kinds of natural therapies, he started to share his wealth of knowledge with others but as a therapist.

He has used numerous techniques over the years to achieve the D.E.E.P Method and as he started to obtain positive results, he opened his center in Bétera (Valencia) in 1987: “Espai d’Harmonització Energètica” where he offers courses and performs therapy. After travelling to different places such as Mexico and New York (where he has opened another center http://thbny.blogspot.com.es/), he has created the “International Institute of Holistic Biophysical Therapy”, whose aim is to provide courses, conferences, workshops and personal growth seminars to professionals anywhere in the world, both in person or via the internet using virtual platforms.

Jaume transmits the subconscious language by using his experience and a simple and efficient method in which amongst others, he uses techniques such as; Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Bach flowers and Color-puncture. He focuses especially on the learning of the basic mechanisms so that a person can communicate with themself, understand what their subconscious is telling them when they act in an illogical and senseless manner and afterwards, how to maintain dialogue with ourselves in order to maintain that balance between conscious and subconscious.

This method provides a good basis in which to work and prepares the “ground work” for any other technique we use. Jaime himself has been able to experience at first hand that by using both structural and energetic techniques, if the D.E.E.P method is used beforehand then fewer sessions, acupuncture points or any other stimulus are needed. Everything is produced from the core and consequently the results of the therapies that each therapist uses are carried out with the integration of the subconscious and the body´s response is a lot quicker.


- Demonstration of D.E.E.P. Method

- What is D.E.E.P. method?

- Courses D.E.E.P. method

- The practice D.E.E.P. Method

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