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Two suitcases for one sole voyage


Dear friends: We would like to share our book with you all "Two Suitcases for One Sole Voyage" in which Jaume Campos explains why tensions and difficulties usually accompany a couple. The key to resolving any problem is to always look inside oneself and know that one can change and be happy.

The book is the fruit of 20 years of working in the world of emotions and the experience of having over 8000 people pass through the center “Centre d'Harmonització in Bétera”.

Having a relationship cannot be a reason to suffer a battle of who is right, a succession of cessions and concessions.

On the other hand, a couple relationship is always an opportunity to learn from a new world that comes from the other person and about ourselves.

The majority of life´s conflicts as well as relationship problems have their origins in fears and internal blockades.

Complaining that your partner is selfish or dominating doesn´t solve anything. The key is why do I put up with that selfishness or that dictator? Why am I not capable of searching for my own happiness?

“Two Suitcases for One Sole Voyage" analyses the root causes of conflicts and above all, offers the tools to feel better and enjoy life.

The book can be purchased in the center or from the following website: www.bubok.es

We hope that it helps you. Kind regards.


VIDEOS FROM THE BOOK PRESENTATION with subtitles in Spanish and in English (Select the subtitle language in each video):

First part of the book presentation "Two Suitcases for One Sole Voyage" written by the Valencian therapist Jaume Campos. Presented by Josep Lluís Roda i Balaguer, Valencian poet and winner of the 1989 Premio Vicent Andrés Estellés de poesia and the 2010 prize el certamen Jocs Florals de Barcelona. The writer and poet speaks about the author and his feelings and knowledge after reading this book. The book speaks about subjects such as partner relationships and emotional relationships in general. It helps us to understand ourselves and others better and improve our way of relating and provides deeper understanding and happiness in our emotional relationships.

Jaume Campos´s book presentation "Two Suitcases for One Sole Voyage" which tackles the subject of emotional relationships. 2nd part.mpg This is the second part of the presentation of the first book written by the Valencian therapist Jaume Campos. In which the author tells us about his long professional career as a therapist and what made him write this book.

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