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Encuentro con uno mismo

Share a different weekend that will change your life!

We offer a weekend in a relaxing and soothing environment that allows you to disconnect from your daily routines. In just two days we aim to give you the necessary tools to achieve a balance in our lives, by learning to apply a series of simple but deep techniques.

It is learning to recognize and find yourself that is going to change how you look at things and your way of facing conflicts and tensions in you life in a way that will be beneficial to you. We are going to learn how to play with the child that we all have inside us.

Duration: Friday 17.00 to Sunday 17.00. Full board accommodation in the Centro Calima in Gilet: “rest and harmony at the foot of the mountain”. The Zen bedroom is a shared room. For those people that find sharing a space difficult, we can also offer an individual area, although we highly recommend experiencing the group environment. The dates, payment and how to reserve in advance can be found on the News and Highlights section of this webpage



Arrival at 17.00.
Presentation and welcome speech by Jaume Campos.
Getting to know each other.
Group meeting.
“Learning to breathe” and “Introduction to Meditation”. Dinner and rest.

Chikung: The healing powers of energy.
Speech: “How to liberate our fears”
Respiration: The balance of our organism.
Lunch and rest.
Speech: “The duality” “Conscious and subconscious”
Working with how to connect with the "inner child"
from Antonio Blay.

Chikung: Millenary technique of the Saholin Monks.
Speech: Don´t survive: LEARN TO LIVE.
How to position myself to face life.
Departure at 17.00

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