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Musical Interpretation Workshop.
“Express your music”

Given by: Jaume Campos Asensi and Anabel García del Castillo.

Enjoy your interpretation free of blockades

Musical interpretation is based on two fundamental pillars:

- The acquisition technique “to handle” the instrument
- The capacity to express and transmit music for yourself and for an audience.

A lot of times, the process of learning to play an instrument from a technical point of view and the music that a person wants to transmit, can become difficult due to emotional, physical and mental blocks that the person has. A lot of these blocks get stored in the subconscious and are difficult to dissolve.

Being aware is important, however the resolution process is accelerated by using liberating techniques (Kinesiology, Bach’s flowers, Biomagnetism,…)

This course-workshop helps each person to experience the sensation of interpretation by self harmonizing thanks to the collaboration between Anabel García del Castillo and Jaime Campos who have shared and joined their experiences and knowledge gained in their respective fields.

It is aimed at anyone related to musical interpretation, whether they be professionals, students or amateurs.


- for your well being
- for your confidence
- for your unblocking
- for your happiness
- for your emotions

(Anabel García del Castillo: Certified by the Superior Royal Conservatory of Madrid and by the Julliard School of New York. Teacher at the Superior School of Music “Joaquín Rodrigo” of Valencia.)

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