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two suitcases

Dear Friends, We would like to share the publication of a book with you all, entitled "Two Suitcases for One Sole Voyage". In this book, Jaume Campos explains why tension and difficulties usual accompany couple relationships. The key to resolving any problem is to always look inside yourself and know that a person can change and be happy.
Change is always possible. + info

Crystal Salt Lamps, hand carved from blocks of salt that have been crystallized for over 250 million years. The quality of air that we breathe decisively influences our health. Computers, synthetic materials, air conditioning units and electrical items at home and in the workplace continually emit ionized particles (above all positive ions) that have a negative effect on our health and well-being. Once switch on, the Crystal Salt Lamps contain properties that can change the ions, meaning that they can improve the atmosphere by adding ions... + info

Designed and made to prevent and improve a variety of illnesses that affect the human body, the Biodevice has a microchip built inside called an “EMI ABSORBER” which is joined to a copper filament which absorbs harmful electromagnetic emissions and transforms them using Magnetotherapy by regulating the effect of the five magnetic bands that make up the Biodevice with a frequency range of between 30 – 300 Htz.
The Biodevice is ideally designed to be adjusted to the mattress. It is used during the night,... + info

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