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Personal details will be stored in a personal character file titled Espai D´harmonització energètica desde 1987 Jaume Campos, which uses all necessary security measures to maintain confidentiality, with the purpose of being able to follow-up on any enquiry. By providing us with you details, you give your consent to Espai D´harmonització energètica desde 1987 Jaume Campos, to send you commercial information regarding products and services and other promotions and/or events. The client has the possibility of exercising, according to the established laws, their rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose, by writing to Espai D´harmonització energètica desde 1987 Jaume Campos, C/ Virgen de la Mercé 1 b. Bétera (Valencia), centre@jaumecampos.com, Subject: Ref. Details, attaching a photocopy of your identity card or an alternative form of accredited identity.

Espai D´Harmonització Energètica since 1987 Jaume Campos, Virgen de la Merced 1 b. Bétera (Valencia)
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